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Since its beginning, Neshaminy Pharmacy 
has been fully focused on building a higher standard of health to achieve a happy lifestyle.

In 2008, Neshaminy Pharmacy opened to serve the local community and to deliver quality care in a customized manner. Customers are not only able to receive their medication from a local store, but they are able to purchase additional over-the-counter products to help achieve optimal health. Neshaminy Pharmacy was established to promote the best patient care possible, thus a delivery service was created to help those individuals who are unable to make it to the location. The store quickly became a place to get advice and help, with prompt answers. Customers trust the Pharmacist's knowledge and are delivered excellent service during each visit.

Amy Anzabi

Amy has been a pharmacist for over 20 years and oversees all business aspects of Neshaminy Pharmacy. She provides a strong sense of leadership to her employees by demonstrating customer service and personalized patient care.

Matthew Kebler

Matt is our full time pharmacist. He graduated from The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and has been working with us since 2011. He is always looking out for the best interest of his customers.

Claudia Gallelli

Claudia manages all prescriptions that come through the pharmacy and provides counseling on medication usage or general questions. She has been working at Neshaminy Pharmacy since 2011.

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